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This Supercharged Triumph Speed Triple RR Is A 400

May 26, 2023

The manic Speed Triple RR also boasts full carbon bodywork, forged engine internals, and adaptive aerodynamics

The Triumph Speed Triple RR is arguably one of the fastest cafe racer bikes out there. With nearly 180 ponies in its arsenal, it promises to keep you entertained, be it in a straight line or in the twisties. But horsepower numbers can always get better and Jody Millhouse from Thornton Hundred is a firm believer in the very notion. So when he got his hands on a RR, the custom bikemaker couldn’t help but boost the sport bike’s performance. The result? A supercharged Speed Triple RR with 400 horsepower, which we believe is the world’s most powerful one yet.

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If you think you’ve heard the name Thornton Hundred before, that could be because of the shop’s notorious 200-HP Triumph Bonneville Bobber. It had a supercharger and nitrous injection, which not only enabled low 10-second quarter-mile times but also helped it make headlines worldwide. And the new Speed Triple RR intends to achieve the same popularity.

Diving right in, the custom RR’s crown jewel is its powerhouse. In stock trim, the 1,160cc, inline-triple mill produces 177 horsepower and 92 pound-feet. Here, the output has risen to a whopping 400 horsepower (at the crank). This is TTS SuperBusa territory, and given the sub-420-pound curb weight, the Triumph should hit you even harder. Not to mention, Jody suggests the rear wheel spins up as soon as you twist the wrist, even in sixth gear at 150mph!

Most of the credit for the manic output goes to the Rotrex C30 supercharger that sits beside the engine on a bespoke case built in-house by the shop. Interestingly, a closer look reveals the absence of an intercooler. And an even closer look reveals the charger draws methanol from….the swingarm!

The unique setup is an in-house creation, and the maker suggests it is one of the most expensive components on the motorcycle (nearly as much as a new Speed Triple 1200 RS). In case you’re curious, it increases the wheelbase by 180 mm (seven inches) and has five liters of storage. In addition, you also get forged engine internals and a titanium exhaust for added performance.

Power aside, Thornton has also loaded the RR with adaptive aerodynamics. See the massive wings on each side? These are paired with accelerometers housed inside the dashboard. So when you get on brakes, the wings act as an aero brake, whereas they fold back to reduce drag during acceleration.

Another notable detail is the set of speakers embedded into the fairings, put in place to work with an AI system. Called THAI (Thornton Hundred Artificial Intelligence), it enables the bike to talk back to you, so you can play games with it. Or simply enjoy greeting messages when you turn the ignition.

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“Those aerofoils are actuated using accelerometers housed within the dashboard. It means that when you jump on the brakes the flaps come up to slow you down, a bit like an air brake. When you accelerate, they fold back to reduce drag. When you’re in a corner, they also react to your lean angle and also twitch individually.” said Jody speaking to our buddies at MCN.

Rounding it all off is the redesigned aesthetics. Gone is the RR’s stock bodywork and in comes new fairings carved out of carbon fiber. Also built out of carbon are the Rotobox wheels (done exclusively for Thornton) and the tail section. This is topped by a central turbine-like air intake in place of the round headlight. Two wing-mounted LEDs now serve as the headlights, instead. Speaking of LEDs, you’ll find four puny ones (two on the wings and two on the rear sets) as the turn signals.

Sadly, no. Jody built the RR specifically for the 2023 Festival Of Speed and says this is a one-off project. However, Thornton has an extensive portfolio of custom builds which you should certainly check out. If you like what you see, you can get in touch with the shop and discuss other deets. Oh, and don’t forget to talk about freight charges.

If 400-HP sounds a bit too and you’d be happy with 177, then we suggest you take home the stock Speed Triple RR. It starts from $20,950 and justifies the money with loads of expensive components. We’re talking electronic Ohlins suspension (front and rear), top-notch rider aids, a single-sided swingarm, and carbon bits–all as standard.

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new Speed Triple 1200 RSto our buddies at MCNThornton has an extensive portfolio of custom buildsfrom $20,950