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This Ram 1500 TRX Is The Best Way To Hit Triple Digit Speeds Off Road

Jun 25, 2023

Forged 4x4’s modified TRX pumps out 742 HP and has the best mods money can buy. The best part is it’s being given away for free!

There’s something just a little unbelievable about a 6,800 pound pickup truck being able to out accelerate sports cars. But the Hellcat-powered 2022 Ram 1500 TRX does exactly that. The TRX's 0-60 mph time of 4.5 seconds claimed, and 3.7 seconds as tested makes it one of the quickest pickup trucks in the world. And California-based Forged 4x4 has given it more power!

The modified Ram 1500 TRX Level 2, named Cerberus, now puts out 742 hp thanks to an upgraded intake, exhaust and tune. Which no doubt cements its position as the quickest gas-powered truck on just about any road. But what makes this build even more special is that it’s even more capable now of carrying those insane speeds off-road, and pretty much anywhere. The build sheet for this truck is pretty exhaustive, and covers everything from new off-road springs, forged wheels, and 37-inch tires to a serious audio and off-road light setup.

This means you’re not likely to be outrun out in the desert by anything, not even a 2023 Ford Raptor R. Just keep your eyes peeled for them UFOs. They’re the only thing likely to be quicker than this Forged 4x4 1500 TRX in the desert!

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Forged 4x4 has been building some pretty cool off-roaders over the years, like the twin-turbo Ford Bronco Wildtrak showcased at SEMA 2022. Keeping with tradition, this 2022 Ram TRX only gets the best parts in the business to help unlock its potential to levels we’re not sure many people knew existed.

The stock TRX’s 18-inch wheels and 35-inch tires are swapped out for 20-inch forged wheels and 37-inch Cooper Rugged Trek MT rubber. Stronger, lighter wheels and more sidewall mean the ability to take more of a bashing off-road. And on the suspension side, adding to the excellent factory-installed adaptive Bilstein dampers, Cerberus is rocking a 3-inch Geiser spring kit and adjustable panhard bar kit to make up for the increased lift. In case you’re wondering, this wheel/tire package fits perfectly!

To make the TRX even more off-road-ready, a shaved bumper has been installed up front that ups its approach angle in line with what the lift kit and wheels have already added. But Forged 4x4 didn’t stop there. There’s also improved LED auxiliary lighting, including cornering lights. And upgraded ICE — an even stronger audio system than what the Level 2 package brings. A JL Audio 1,000W amp and two subwoofers do the trick to make this TRX the ultimate tailgate party machine for the middle of nowhere.

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Under the hood, the Hellcat’s supercharged 6.2-liter Hemi V8 with 702 hp and 650 pound-feet of torque is helped along by an aftermarket intake and exhaust. The S&B cold-air intake by itself is estimated to add about 20 horsepower, while the AWE Tuning cat-back exhaust helps take the total to 742 hp.

While we don’t have a tested performance figure for Forged 4x4’s Cerberus yet, considering a stock TRX 1500 has been tested at 3.7 seconds, we’re sure you can expect a tenth or two to be shaved off. That should make it faster than the Ford Raptor R.

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The Ram 1500 TRX with the Level 2 package is a very, very good place to start if you want the ultimate luxury off-road truck. The Level 2 package ($10,295) adds some key luxury features like a head-up display, 19-speaker audio, ventilated seats and more making this TRX far from a barebones sandrail. A Dodge TRX Level 2 costs about $96,000. It’s a lot of money for a truck. But it’s also a lot of truck for the money. Beating sports cars on the road is a happy bonus.

We don’t have a build breakdown of the mods on this truck, but it wouldn’t be too far to estimate an added cost under half the cost of the truck itself. But considering the mods keep the powertrain stock, therefore as reliable as a Hellcat can get, while adding off-road capability and safety, it’s a pretty safe set of mods.

But like we said, Forged 4x4 is giving away this truck as part of its giveaway initiative. Which means this modified TRX 1500 would be essentially free to one lucky owner. As usual, all it takes to own one of the fastest trucks out there is to pick up a Forged 4x4 membership.

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