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Reimagine your beer can for cocktails on the go and kitsch upcycling

Mar 01, 2024

Topless drinking is not quite as thrilling as it sounds, but nonetheless it can be a more enjoyable way to rehydrate than simply chugging from a can. A team of creative beer enthusiasts has created an easy, portable and fun way to enhance the can experience that also allows for a range of adaptions and sustainable repurposing of the humble aluminum vessel.

Essentially, the Draft Top Lift is an opener, but with a difference, able to take the entire 'lid' off a closed can with a twist, so you can then add your own twist: orange wedge, squeeze of lime, a mini bottle of spirits upended dramatically over the rim for a creative, rustic cocktail.

Of course, the Draft Top is not restricted to boozy beverages – and, let’s face it, some naturally flavored seltzers could do with some enhancement.

As the creators explain, drinking out of a can’s small opening mutes olfactory responses, which affects taste. It also contributes to bloating and gas.

The pocket-sized gadget is designed to fit most 8-19-oz (237-562-ml) cans, is easy to operate (secure over ring pull, twist, lift) and leaves a smooth rim around the can for safe drinking. It also has removable parts for cleaning and is dishwasher-safe.

The clean removal of the can top also makes for easy reuse. Repurpose it as a succulent planter a kitchen window herb garden container, or even set homemade candles in it.

Craft beer cans with unique artwork make for particularly impressive crafty containers.

The lift is the latest device from the Draft Top team, which had a runaway hit in 2015 with its first product on Kickstarter. The latest, and much improved, Lift model is available for US$24.99, and the company offers free postage in the US for orders over $50.

To see it in action, check out the videos below.

Source: Draft Top