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GasGas unveils 16 new dirtbikes for 2024

Jul 13, 2023

By: The Staff August 2, 2023

With more red and more performance, it’s safe to say that GasGas has spiced it up with 16-new models for 2024. Every model comes equipped with the latest technology from the Spanish brand. There’s hardly a single part on the new range of bikes that haven’t been upgraded or refined, according to the company.

All 2024 models are powered by new, lighter engines, which produce more torque and high-revving power. They’re then fitted inside new frames with a slight backward tilt to lower the front sprocket, centralize the weight, and improve handling.

GasGas added two new models to the enduro range – the EC 450F and EC 500F. Both big-bore bikes are suited to open and flowing trails and feature all the same components as the rest of the range, including Braktec brakes, WP suspension, and enduro-specific PANKL transmissions. The rear suspension is designed to soak up small chop and hard hits with ease, the company notes.

GasGas introduces five cross-country bikes that are brand new from top to bottom. All five models are designed to perform in tight and wide open spaces. Built to the same high standard as its motocross and enduro bikes, the cross-country models combine essential components from the motocross and enduro ranges such as the fuel injection, larger fuel tank, and 18” rear wheels.

With each motocross bike assembled using new steel frames, new aluminum subframes, and new swingarms, a combination of razor-sharp cornering and straight-line stability is further refined. And to bring our MC 125 and MC 250 2-strokes up to date, both bikes fire into life with the press of a new electric start button. In addition, they’re now fueled by throttle body injection for a crisper response and improved on-track performance.

The 2024 motocross and cross-country models will be delivered to GasGas dealerships in August. Enduro riders will be just a little longer wait, with the new range arriving in September.

The Staff