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2024 Toyota GR Corolla Circuit Edition turns up the heat with Blue Flame

Aug 14, 2023

Say hi to the 2024 Toyota GR Corolla Circuit Edition, now available in Blue Flame for your colorful consideration.

Yes, it may just be one additional color added to the palette for the 2024 GR Corolla, but it’s an extremely good and necessary addition considering the options for 2023 were red, black, white and two shades of gray. We’ve seen Blue Flame applied to Toyotas in the past, with its most recent and exciting availability being on the GR86. The only way you’ll be able to get it on the GR Corolla is if you get a Circuit Edition, though.

In addition to the blue paint on the Circuit Edition, Toyota says this model now gets lighter-weight 18-inch BBS forged wheels that are similar to those found on the Morizo Edition for 2023. Blue cars (you can also choose white for the Circuit) will get unique black side rocker graphics. Turn your attention inside, and Toyota adds blue stitching throughout the interior, a blue-striped shift knob and a blue-striped emergency brake handle. The interior is still mostly black, but the splash of color gives the GR Corolla’s cabin a slight upgrade to better compete with the Civic Type R’s beautiful red insides.

As for performance updates, Toyota shared some minor details with us. The steering gear box is now mounted to the front suspension sub-frame with new ribbed flange bolts. Additionally, the flange bolts that mount the rear suspension to the sub-frame are wider by 2 millimeters. And lastly, Toyota says an unpainted bolt now grounds the battery to the frame for direct metal-to-metal contact. Toyota attributes these minute updates to the GR team’s pursuit of perfection in refining the car over time. Other updates done in a similar pursuit are aero-related. Toyota says the ducting that lets air flow through the side grilles and behind the front wheels and out has been redesigned. And lastly, aluminum sheets have been placed under the front and rear wheel wells to support vehicle stability.

Everything else is mechanically the same as 2023. Both the Circuit and Core are still rocking the same 300-horsepower, 1.6-liter turbocharged three-cylinder engine mated to a six-speed manual transmission.

Toyota says pricing for the 2024 models will come at a later date, and the updated Circuit Edition with the Blue Flame paint is expected to become available “this coming winter.” With the demand for limited-production hot hatches like the GR Corolla being sky-high, we’d suggest getting in touch with a dealer now. Or yesterday. Yesterday probably would’ve been better.

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