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This Exemplary Electric Motorcycle Is Ready to Take America By Storm

Jun 03, 2023

The uber-limited beast comes with truckloads of carbon fiber, superbike-like performance, and top-shelf components

The electric motorcycle space is rather crowded. And if a brand wants to stand out, it needs something exemplary. This is the same approach Britain’s Arc Motorcycles has taken to give us the stunning Vector. The motorcycle first broke cover in 2018 and made headlines in no time. Five years later, it has now entered the American market, that too, in an extra special avatar called the Signature Edition.

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The Arc Vector already has a Tron-inspired futuristic design, credit to the flowing panels, hub-center steering, and sleek tail. But the Signature Edition takes it up a notch. The most prominent aspect is the abundance of forged carbon fiber. It’s present all around–wheels, side panels, tank cover, fenders–to create a stellar aesthetic, not even million-dollar supercars can match.

This is accentuated by thick rose gold decals in the middle (where a fuel tank would be on ICE bikes) and side sections. The circular knob (near the TFT instrument cluster) and the rider seat also have a similar metallic finish for added extravagance. There’s no pillion saddle, though, in case you’re curious.

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In addition, the motorcycle comes ripe with signatures of Arc CEO Mark Truman all around. Bespoke etched leather grips round off the package. Here’s what Truman said about the Signature Edition - “We are thrilled to be launching in North America and so wanted to do something extraordinary to mark the occasion. In terms of specification, I really wanted to throw the kitchen sink at it and push the levels of personalisation and create something truly bespoke. It’s an honour to be part of Arc, it’s such a magical business, so to have my name on two of the bikes feels incredibly special.”

Coming to the juicy bits, the Vector has a 399-volt electric motor. It produces 117 horsepower and almost 130 pound-feet, all sent to the wheel via a belt-driven, single-gear transmission. This will take you from zero to 60mph in just 3.2 seconds, followed by an electronically limited top speed of 120mph. The claimed range, meanwhile, is an impressive 270 miles–considerably more than conventional motorcycles. Oh, and the recharge time is claimed to be just 40 minutes too!

Holding all of it together is a carbon fiber monocoque chassis attached to two swingarms. The rear is unsurprising, but the front paves the way for a hub center steering. A closer inspection reveals blacked-out Ohlins TTX at each end, alongside dual disc brakes up top that wear Brembo Stylema calipers.

Given all the special equipment, Arc will only produce two Signature Editions of the Vector. You’ll have to contact the bikemaker for the price tag, and if you can afford it, the company will also help you fine tweak your Vector for you. For reference, the bike sells for a whopping £90,000 in its hometown, which equals $113,000 in America.

Punya is an avid motorcyclist who's always up for a ride to the canyons or the racetrack. He insists his riding skills are better than his writing skills, even though he's worked with some world-renowned automotive websites.

Arc will only produce two Signature Editions of the Vector