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Segway Powersports Releases 2023 Villain Sports SxSes, Updated Fugleman UTVs

Aug 30, 2023

Segway Powersports Inc. announced its 2023 utility and sport side-by-side lineup, including updates to the Fugleman UT10 platform and the introduction of the Villain sport side-by-side (SxS) — a highly anticipated addition to the Segway lineup, featuring two width options to choose from: 64 inches and 72 inches across three different model options.

Pushing the boundaries and setting the standard for off-road innovation, the Villain is offered in three different iterations for 2023, delivering a uniquely intelligent off-road experience. The 72-inch Villain SX10 WX is pioneered with the Smart Moving App and 10.4-inch Smart Touchscreen; the 64-inch Villain SX10 X is engineered with the same technology in a narrower application, and the value-conscious 64-inch Villain SX10 E utilizes the same narrow platform form with optional technology upgrades. All Villain side-by-sides are available in two-person configurations and up to four colors, including the Segway signature Intensive Red, Dream Green, Innovative Gray and Bold Black.

The updated Fugleman platform delivers class-leading performance with a potent 105 horsepower from its 1,000cc engine. Combining performance and functionality, the Fugleman offers a 1,000-pound bed capacity, 2,500-pound towing capacity with an industry-leading 10.4-inch touchscreen and connectivity powered by the Smart Moving App.

Available in two different models, the Fugleman UT10 X and Fugleman UT10 E both come in three-person configurations and up to four colors, including Intensive Red, Dream Green, Innovative Gray and TrueTimber® Prairie Camo.

Look for vehicles to begin arriving at your local dealership in December.

Generating 105 horsepower, the Villain SX10’s 1000cc engine is extremely competitive among 1000cc displacement level SSVs, with excellent low-speed performance characteristics thanks to its 65 foot-pounds of low-end torque. The SX10 E and SX10 X models have a 14-inch ground clearance while the SX10 WX model has a 15-inch ground clearance.

Putting out 105 horsepower, the Fugleman UT10’s 1,000cc engine outclasses other 1,000cc displacement level UTVs. The vehicles boast a 12.6-inch ground clearance, 1,000-pound bed capacity and 2,500-pound towing capacity. The UT10 X specifically boasts 14-inch forged aluminum wheels with beadlock ring; these reinforced inner lips provide extreme strength and durability. Both Fugleman models come with 27-inch 6-ply tires.

Unlike other comparable models on the market, the Villain and Fugleman series come standard with several features, including an adjustable, premium cut-and-sewn driver’s seat with contoured seatbacks and Segway branding embroidery; electric power steering (EPS); a 10.4-inch smart touchscreen (optional on the Villain SX10 E and Fugleman UT10 E models); Smart Moving APP (SMA); tilt steering; roof; and doors.

The EPS can be switched on-the-fly to one of three settings. With standard, comfort and sport settings selectable through the SMA, the ride is customizable for different drivers, terrain and road conditions.

The 1,000cc, four-stroke, parallel twin DOHC engine featured in the Villain SX10 and Fugleman UT10 features an advanced fuel injection and ignition system along with a carefully optimized, long duration, high-lift camshaft that ensures excellent adaptability to high and low temperatures and provides excellent power even at very high altitudes.

Furthermore, by utilizing a dual oil column piston cooling system, the 1,000cc engine will remain cool under the harshest of riding conditions and ensures long-term mechanical durability. The water and oil heat exchanger cooling system improves the reliability of power output under tough off-road conditions.

Coming standard on the Villain SX10 X and SX10 WX as well as the Fugleman UT10 X, a 10.4-inch smart touchscreen allows the rider to interact with audio/phone functions, maps and live telemetry. When a sound bar is paired with the vehicle, the rider can seamlessly control the audio/phone call-answering function. An all-terrain navigator has the mapping ability needed to stay on-track and communication technology to stay in touch while exploring off-road. Furthermore, riders can monitor real-time data, such as speed, acceleration, torque, and roll and pitch. An electronic gauge cluster indicates gas levels and mileage to empty, displays the EPS mode and four-wheel drive and locking differential, and features an odometer.

All models feature the brand-new Smart Commanding System (SCS), consisting of Segway’s Smart Moving APP. Utilizing the cutting-edge internet of vehicles (IoV) to help you blaze a trail and explore the wild, you can access the real-time data of your vehicle through SCS.

The SMA offers the following features:

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