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Japanese Tuner Unleashes The 2023 Toyota Prius’ Wild Side

Oct 02, 2023

T-Demand offers plenty of suspension and braking modifications for the new Toyota Prius

Most of us agree that the fifth-generation Toyota Prius is the prettiest yet, so it was inevitable that sooner or later, Japanese tuners would get their hands on the sleek electrified hatch. T-Demand presented its own take on the new Prius that joins the camber gang.

T-Demand offers a long list of suspension modifications for the hybrid Toyota, including new upper and lower arms, toe control, and tie rods by Pro Arm, plus a new set of dampers by Pro Damper. All of the components feature a shiny orange finish, making them stand out when looking at the underbody.

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A new air suspension module enables the Prius to lower itself remarkably close to the ground, creating a dramatic visual effect, especially when the vehicle is not in motion. While the stock model’s higher ground clearance is more practical for daily driving situations, the car’s sleek aerodynamic silhouette and sharp LED lights make it an ideal candidate for this type of modification.

T-Demand also upgraded the braking system with larger discs measuring either 355 mm (14 inches) or 380 mm (15 inches) and six-pot calipers. While the tuner doesn’t mention any performance upgrades, the stronger brakes will definitely help the Prius stop a lot sooner.

And now let’s talk about the elephant in the room. The new set of aftermarket alloy wheels are shod in stretched tires with a hugely negative camber on both axles, especially in the white-colored Prius that is highlighted in the tuner’s gallery. Stanced cars may not be everyone’s cup of tea but they have a large following in Japan. These mods limit the usability of the vehicle while compromising ride and handling, but some people like the looks of it so much that they don’t really care about the drawbacks.

While the average Toyota Prius buyer wouldn’t opt for such an extreme look, there will certainly be some owners willing to do anything in order to make their hybrid stand out.

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