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Ford’s Next Exotic Car Wears A Familiar Name: Mustang

Jun 16, 2023

The Ford Mustang GTD is an all-new supercar with carbon fiber body panels

Carbon fiber body panels. Carbon Ceramic brakes. Carbon fiber drive shaft. Dry sump V8 with a 7,500+ RPM redline and 800 horsepower. Active aerodynamics. Adjustable ride height. Rear transaxle featuring dual clutches and 8 speeds. 50/50 weight distribution. Multimatic technology and construction. $300,000 price tag.

An active aero package includes a large rear wing mounted on the Mustang's C-pillar

You’d be excused for thinking these features describe the latest Ferrari or Lamborghini or McLaren, but they describe the latest Ford Mustang, a street—legal road car inspired by Ford’s newest Mustang GT3 race car. Ford says this newest Mustang will lap the Nurburgring in under 7 minutes, and Ford’s CEO Jim Farley says he’ll take on any automotive CEO in his or her best street legal performance car.

Widened front fenders feature massive vents wrapped around 20-inch wheels

Looking at the photos of the Mustang GTD shows a Mustang with dramatically wider body panel perforated by massive vents in the front fenders enshrouding 20-inch wheels. The GTD’s front wheels are the same spec at the Ford GT’s rear wheels, 325 millimeters wide, while the rear wheels are 345 mm. The wheels are made of either forged aluminum or forged magnesium, depending on customer spec.

A rear-mounted 8-speed transaxle helps the Mustang GTD attain 50/50 weight distribution

Additional options include an available aero package with a comprehensive underbody aerodynamic tray in carbon fiber along with hydraulically controlled front flaps to manage airflow for aerodynamic balance in coordination with the active rear wing. Ford says this technology isn’t legal in professional racing classes. Good thing the Mustang GTD is a road car.

Behind the 20-inch wheels are carbon ceramic brakes

Racing technology is seen in the semi-active suspension that features a short-long arm front suspension and multi-link rear. Advanced, race-oriented suspension technology is Multimatic’s specialty, and the Mustang GTD reflects this with pushrods, adaptive spool valve technology and a tubular subframe. Putting the Mustang GTD in “Track” mode lowers the car by 40 mm.

A 5.2-liter dry-sump V8 will spin past 7,500 rpm and make 800 horsepower

Powering the Mustang GTD is a dry-sump 5.2-liter V8 making approximately 800 horsepower. It sends this power through a carbon fiber driveshaft and rear-mounted 8-speed dual-clutch transaxle. Using this drivetrain layout results in a 50/50 weight distribution. Ford says the engine’s redline will be north of 7,500 RPM.

Don't bring too many friends, as the Mustang GTD's rear seat has been removed to save weight

Inside the Mustang GTD cabin are Recaro front seats, titanium paddle shifters, and titanium control knobs. The rear seat has been removed to reduce weight, and GTD customers can order their interior in multiple colors. Exterior color choices are even wider, as in paint-to-match options for buyers who have a particular share they want to see on their Mustang GTD.

With limited production and a price tag over $300,000 don't expect to see a Mustang GTD too often

Production will limited, and as mentioned before, the Mustang GTD price starts around $300,000. Cars will be arriving in late 2024 and early 2025. It’s possible if you haven’t already got one order it may be too late.