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2025 Lexus EV Supercar: Price, Release Date, Specs, And Everything We Know

Jul 29, 2023

Lexus has unveiled its EV masterpiece, set to succeed the Lexus LFA as the brand's halo supercar.

Lexus unveiled the all-electric concept of its upcoming EV supercar at the 2022 Goodwood Festival. It's poised to be the Lexus LFA's spiritual successor. As such, Lexus claims to have crafted the new electric car with the "driving taste" and "secret sauce" of the epic Halo supercar from 2012.

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Currently, Lexus has named the 2025 Lexus EV supercar as the 'Electrified Sport.' It will be the top-of-the-line offering among the brand's electrified performance cars. But will this supercar be able to live up to the legacy of the Lexus LFA from 2012? Read on for more info on the 2025 Lexus EV supercar, including its price, release date, specs, and everything we know.

The futuristic low-slung bodywork of the Electrified Sport concept Lexus unveiled gives us an idea of how the 2025 Lexus EV supercar will look.

The 2025 EV supercar has a front fascia that borrows much from the Lexus LFA's general design, especially on the sides. It greets you with LED daytime running lamps and headlights, a massive front air intake, and a front splitter below. There are air outlets behind the front wheels and on the hood that feature hood pins to keep it in place at high speeds. Despite being electric, this Lexus EV sports an elongated hood you would expect to find in front-engine supercars.

On the side of the sleek bodywork are prominent side sills and looking keenly, the fenders pick design cues from the latest Toyota Supra. The 2025 Lexus EV supercar concept rides on forged aluminum wheels featuring race-car-inspired center lock nuts. The front wheels are 20 inches, while the rears are wider and measure 21 inches. The fully-electric supercar gets juiced up via a charging port on the right rear quarter that resembles a traditional fuel cap. We're curious about the interior, but it remains a secret thanks to the dark tinted windows.

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At the back, the 2025 Lexus EV supercar sports a sleek rear roofline. Apart from its unique taillights, it has a long horizontal strip braking light under its small slanted rear wing. The rear-end design also features a rear middle LED reverse light. It sits above the massive diffusers inspired by Toyota's five-time Le Mans-winning racer. While a Lexus logo appears on the front, Lexus went with a written-out LEXUS badge at the back.

The 2025 Lexus EV supercar will be fully electric, bringing the fight to cars like the Rimac Nevera. Many reports expect it to use the Toyota-Lexus TNGA GA-L platform. It's the same platform underpinning other vehicles like the Lexus LC500 and the hydrogen-powered Toyota Mirai. It will likely be a lightweight aluminum chassis and a carbon fiber body supercar.

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Many industry insiders anticipate the 2025 Lexus EV supercar will feature Toyota's cutting-edge solid-state batteries. Because these batteries have a longer range and charge faster than conventional batteries, charging times should be remarkable. Lexus claims a theoretical range of 435 miles, beating even the longest-range Tesla, which is no surprise considering the advanced battery technology.

Though Lexus remains tight-lipped on power output, the EV supercar will surely have more than the 553 hp offered by the LFA's sensational V10. Expectations are around 1000 hp, the power required to accelerate from 0-60 mph in the low-two-second range Lexus claims.

Unlike the LFA, the 2025 Lexus EV supercar's power will reach the pavement via an all-wheel drive, as revealed by the concept. According to Lexus president Koji Sato, the Lexus EV supercar could also feature steer-by-wire and torque vectoring to improve handling. But even more interesting is Lexus's plans to use a simulated manual transmission, which is exciting news for car enthusiasts.


Electric motors

Horsepower & Torque

Not Revealed


435 miles

0-60 MPH

Low 2.0 seconds

Top Speed

Not Revealed


Simulated manual transmission



Curb Weight

Not Revealed

Prices for the Lexus LFA's new-age replacement will be at least six figures. There are reports the 2025 Lexus EV supercar could start at $100,000, but over $200,000 is more likely. This is because an electric sports car offering comparable performance like the Porsche Taycan Turbo S, starts at $186,350.

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Lexus could also decide to sell it for close to $375,000, the figure it was asking for each of the 500 units of the LFA's built in 2012. The only thing we can do now is speculate; there are no price details yet.

Lexus hasn't given any clues on the date its new supercar will go on sale. But it looks fairly close to production. BestCarWeb claims it's already under development, and many automotive publications expect the Lexus EV supercar to launch in 2025.

Lexus is making a new LFA expected to launch in 2025, currently being called the Electrified Sport Concept. Though Lexus has not revealed its final model name, they could name it the LFA II.

Lexus is coming out with an EV supercar that will sprint from 0-60mph in the low 2 seconds and have 435 miles of range.

The most expensive Lexus is the Lexus LFA Nürburgring Package from 2012 which originally cost $445,000. Having become a collectible, car 349 of 500 recently sold for a staggering $1,625,000.

The top speed of the Electric Lexus LFA is expected to be over 200mph. The original LFA could achieve 202 mph.

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