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10 Future Toyotas To Get Excited For: 2024

Jul 08, 2023

These are the coolest cars rolling down Toyota’s assembly line in the next couple of years.

Toyota is set to make some exciting additions to its lineup for 2024 and 2025, and you can bet they are top quality, safe, and durable. The Japanese automaker’s future lineup is packed with everything, from comfy sedans to off-road SUVs and electric trucks. Speaking of EVs, Toyota recently revealed it had over 15 EVs in the works, so you can expect to see more battery-powered vehicles rolling down the Japanese automaker’s assembly line.

Having said that, there are still quite a decent number of gasoline cars in Toyota’s future lineup for those that are not ready to jump on the EV bandwagon just yet. As Toyota takes a bold step to cast a wider net in the automotive market, fans of the Japanese brand have a lot of exciting stuff to look forward to in the coming years.

The pricing info, performance specs, and release dates of these upcoming Toyota cars are based on claims by the manufacturer, Edmunds, Kelley Blue Book, Forbes Wheels, and J.D. Power.

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Toyota says it’s resurrecting the Toyota MR2, and that doesn’t come as a surprise, as the Japanese automaker has done the same to the 86, Supra, and Yaris.

Rumors suggest the 2025 Toyota MR2 would have a Suzuki-built one-liter turbocharged three-cylinder engine known as K10C. This engine may work in conjunction with a mild hybrid system to produce up to 150 hp and 145 lb-ft of torque. And if the report by Forbes Wheels is anything to go by, the upcoming MR2 will have a six-speed manual and six-speed, torque-converter automatic transmissions. The MR2 is expected to cost around $25,000 and will hit the showrooms in 2025.

While the 2025 Toyota Camry will get a significant face-lift or even a complete redesign, the 2024 iteration will be almost completely unchanged. So, you can expect the base front-wheel-drive LE model to start at $27,515, while the V6 Camry should command up to $34,580, according to Edmunds.

As you’d expect, the Camry remains comfortable, efficient, and the ideal sedan for those who like to fly under the radar. Most versions of the 2024 Camry get their motivation from a 2.5-liter 4-cylinder engine, which is spirited enough for city driving. Toyota plans to release the 2024 Camry sometime in 2024.

Toyota unveiled 15 new BEV concepts in 2021, and one that immediately grabs your attention is the Toyota Compact Cruiser. With its compact, boxy build, the Compact Cruiser reminds you of the FJ Cruiser that left the market in 2014. But even as Toyota gradually transitions to an electric future, it recognizes the need to stay on top of the off-road SUV market, so the timing for the Compact Cruiser EV is just perfect.

For now, very little is known about the Compact Cruiser’s powertrain, but it may share components with other upcoming Toyota EVs. Also, there’s no official release date yet, but you may see the FJ Cruiser EV in showrooms by the fall of 2023.

Although details are still sketchy, the 2025 Toyota GR86 will likely run on a new platform with a 1.6-liter turbocharged hybrid powertrain. The 2025 GR86 is Toyota’s way of saying sports car purists can enjoy the exhilarating performance of a front-engine, rear-wheel drive setup without hurting the environment.

Since it will probably use the engine of the GR Yaris and GR Corolla, you can expect output in the neighborhood of 325 hp. Considering the hybrid sports car is for the 2025 model year, it’s safe to assume the GR86 will be out by the third or fourth quarter of 2024.

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Everything about the Toyota Tacoma, from its design to its performance and technology, is all-new for 2024. To continue being a force in the mid-size pickup truck segment, the fourth-gen Tacoma comes with ramped-up engines and the latest integrated off-road equipment. What’s more exciting is that the Tacoma offers more utility with the new XtraCab long bed. So, you can pack more stuff and carry more people for your weekend getaway or cross-country road trip.

With the Tacoma’s tech-driven amenities like the new premium 10-speaker JBL® audio and 14-inch touchscreen display, you can hit the trail without going completely off the grid. Toyota is also introducing a new 2.4-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder hybrid powertrain and a new Trailhunter version that is even better for off-road adventures than the TRD Pro. As a 2024 model, the Tacoma goes on sale before the end of 2023, starting at $29,000.

The Prius is one of the cars that started the eco-friendly, electrified movement, as far back as 1997, but Toyota thinks it’s high time it got GR high-performance treatment. The GR Prius was previewed at the Le Mans 24 Hours race in June 2023, and it will borrow some styling cues from the Prius 24h Le Mans Centennial GR Edition Concept. Toyota will likely fit the upcoming GR Prius with extended fenders, bespoke alloys, and GR insignia.

When it comes to power, the concept car comes with a hybrid powertrain, but Toyota might go for a plug-in hybrid for the production model. That said, the respected Japanese auto magazine Best Car claims the 2025 Toyota GR Prius will hit showrooms in late 2023 or early 2024.

The Toyota 4Runner is a legend in its own right, but it’s a bit outdated, having received its last mid-cycle refresh in 2013. To stay ahead of the feisty off-road competition that includes the Jeep Wrangler and Ford Bronco, Toyota is set to launch a new 4Runner. The 2024 4Runner will likely ride on the same modular TNGA-F platform as the Toyota Land Cruiser, Sequoia, and Tundra.

The upcoming 4Runner will likely have two powertrains: a 2.4-liter turbocharged four-cylinder i-FORCE engine and a V6. And since Toyota has previously stated that all its vehicles will have at least a hybrid option by 2025, it’s safe to assume one of the 4Runner trims will get a hybrid setup. For now, Toyota is still keeping the 4Runner’s official release date a secret, but you can set your mind towards fall 2023.

With a “GR” badge, you already know the 2024 Toyota GR Corolla is almost an entirely different species from the regular Corolla. The limited-production GR Corolla will have a special-edition GR Corolla for the 2024 model year that sports an eye-catching blue flame color, lightweight 18-inch forged aluminum wheels, and enhanced aerodynamics.

On the inside, the 2024 GR Corolla is furnished with suede and synthetic leather, while an 8-speaker JBL premium audio system is available for entertainment. Under the hood lies a three-cylinder turbo engine that’s tuned to put out 300 hp. The engine is paired with a six-speed manual transmission. For now, the pricing info is still under wraps, but you can expect more details from Toyota before the arrival of the 2024 GR Corolla Circuit Edition in the winter of 2023.

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After ending its first production run in North America in the early 1970s, Toyota reincarnated the Crown for the 2023 model year. The 2024 Crown is not expected to come with any significant updates, but its priority remains comfort and luxury.

The base Toyota Crown puts out 236 hp from a hybrid powertrain, while the top-ranging Platinum model pushes out 340 hp. Having said that, other technical specs of the 2024 Crown are still a matter of speculation, but the sedan may arrive before 2024.

The 2024 Toyota C-HR is an all-new “super-coupe” with a striking design, advanced technologies, and a more powerful range of hybrid and plug-in hybrid engines. But while the 2024 Corolla Cross caters to the American market, the C-HR is designed, engineered, and built exclusively for Europeans.

Toyota says the upcoming C-HR will have three powertrains including a 1.8-liter, 2.0-liter self-charging hybrid, and 2.0-liter plug-in hybrid. The Japanese automaker claims all C-HR trims will come with the latest Safety Sense portfolio of active safety and driver assistance systems, and even hands-free driving, if local regulations permit.

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